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60min Sessions



  • Presentation topics must adhere to the annual NNDS theme

  • Include opportunities for your audience to participate with you and/or each other

  • It is recommended to plan for about 10 minutes at the end for question or discussion

  • Use universal fonts (ex: Time New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.) which will be standard on most computers

  • Be sure there's high contrast between background and fonts to make it visually accessible

  • Don't overwhelm slides with information/text. Opt for putting cues on the slides, and longer context in the presenter notes

  • Limit the use of animations


  • Practice the timing (60 minutes) of your presentation and honor the time you set aside for questions. You will not be allowed to go over the time limit.

  • If possible, arrive at the session room at least 5 minutes early to make sure your  presentation (including any multimedia) works with the tech system

  • Avoid reading straight from the slides/notes. Practicing several times before can help with this

In order to support the facilitation of your session(s) at the Northern Nevada Diversity Summit, we would like to have presenters submit a backup file of their presentations to our Nevada Box cloud storage folder by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20.



  • Please name your file with the session letter (A-E) the first 4 words of your session title.

  • Be sure that the full title and presenter names are on the first slide of your presentation.

  • Upload your presentation file to the Nevada Box folder.

  • We recommend also having access to a copy of your presentation via personal Box/jump/Google drive.





Posters should be designed and printed at 48 by 36 inches.

You may use a poster template from your institution, or you may download this basic template.


A good poster...

  • Summarizes your work.

  • Conveys a message visually.

  • Is readable from about 4 feet away.

  • Has a clearly discernible organization.


Poster design tips

  • Avoid text that is too small (18-24 pt minimum).

  • Use no more than 2-3 font styles in all, and choose fonts that are easy to read.

  • Avoid too much text (no more than 800 words max).

  • Use columns, sections, headings, and blocks of text to organize your content.

  • Your title should illustrate what your poster is about and should be at least twice the font size of your regular text.

  • Choose colors carefully and pay attention to contrast. If in doubt, dark print on light background is best.

  • Selectively incorporate charts, graphs, photographs, and other graphics that support the theme of your poster.

  • Avoid fuzzy images; make sure all graphics are high-resolution and easily visible.

  • Include your name on your poster and your institution's logo.

  • Edit your poster carefully before the final print-out.

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