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Opportunities to present:

Facilitate a workshop or  interactive presentation with opportunities for attendees to participate and ask questions.

Create and present a scholarly poster which describes your research or program and its outcomes.

Student Speech

Present an original speech and compete with other students for a cash prize.  Only available for actively enrolled NSHE students.

Proposal Guidelines

For 60-minute Sessions and Posters

  • Title of presentation

  • Brief description to appear in the Summit agenda (300 character max, including spaces)

  • Full description of the presentation's content (3,500 characters max, including spaces). This description should include:

    • Your presentation's connection to the Summit theme​

    • Intended audience

    • Intended takeaways (learning objectives)

    • Description of interactive components (for 60-minute sessions only)

  • Format of session (for 60-minute sessions only):

    • lecture style with discussion and Q&A

    • Small group work, requiring collaborative space

    • Other (please describe)

  • Information for each presenter: name, credentials (PhD, MSW, etc.), pronouns (optional), position/title, institution/organization, email, primary contact phone number, and whether the presenter would like their contact information published on the Summit website

Prepare your proposal using the Summit Proposal Template (Word)

For the Student Speech Contest

Students interested in competing in the Student Speech Contest need only sign up to participate by the proposal deadline with their topic selection. See the Student Speech Contest webpage for more information about timeline and material submissions.

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